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  • By Samantha Hayden

leather trends première vision

If you are not aware of Première Vision, then it’s time to get on board. Première Vision organises shows and events for professionals in the international fashion and textile industries. They are key trend setters by adapting the needs of international markets and always provide unique fashion information, which we, as an accessories brand, always love to hear. 

Therefore, we were eagerly awaiting their latest information from their international leather show which includes the leather trends for the winter 2017/17.  Key highlights and key concepts included an all encompassing theme around Nature und Technology, with trends interpreted around five stories, starting wth:

Take Lightly, a play down on materials. Colours are barely there – greys, dusty beige, chalky blue, pastel green and delicate pinks. Materials fold, stretch and become pearlised, blurred and polished, think the first set of winter – frosty, icy and misty textures. 

Take The Wrong Way, the colours and materials here are interactive between mechanical industry and sophisticated design. The feeling here is to provoke, irriate and annoy with the colours of city lights, flashing or think aggressive colours of cybernetic colours, stripey copper and iridescent white. Materials are crumbled, pleated, stamped, incised with 3D effects, geometric articulations, random perforations and irregular cut outs. There is also a hint of giant scales and dishevelled furs.

Take Root, this theme is about coarsness, imperfection and the corrosion of materials caused by elements. The colours are reflected in tender or wild colours of soil and primary colours – raw, earthy and delicate colours, think emotive pink, hammered copper, tender green. Naturally the materials therefore appear to be eroded, battered, worn, overwrinkled or dried out by the wind. This is represented by undyed vegetable-tanned leather, over-washed buffalo and enveloping furs.

Take pleasure, ‘Sweet street, sweet art’  - the  nasty era of graffiti is over – yey, i hear you say! Premiere vision state that revolutionary slogans are over, instead there is a revolution of knitting! Artists are re-introducing the sense of touch by working with materials in 3D. There are colours of candy, cakes – think pink turkish delight, sugary white and honey yellow. There is a desire for soft, woolly, furry textures, felted appearances, wool and alpaca leather.

Feel inspired? We do! For more information, you should check out their website to keep up to date with upcoming events and exhibitions:

* image from Première Vision

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