FILD PIECES is a contemporary collection of a broad range of accessories designed for both men and women. FILD PIECES supports local craftmanship from around the World, whilst authentically and 100% designed in Germany.

In 2009 founder Elisabeth Bertelmann started designing and producing her accessories collection in Berlin after working for an array of fashion companies. Her inspiration for FILD PIECES came from minimalist design principles that make a thoughtful yet stylish statement.

FILD PIECES matter...

Because they are a great little addition to a simple outfit or turning a tried but true go-to outfit into something completely new. They offer a high level of comfort, whether it's the various ways you can close a belt or the softness of a light-weight, yet warm scarf that feels incredible against your skin.

The clutches, the belts, scarfs and bracelets are a natural extension of the idea to create minimal, uncompromising German products for everyone, that can stand the test of time.

Comfort shouldn't compromise on style

We believe that good things start with good natural materials best suited for accessories that will be worn on the body. We pay close attention to sourcing, quality and practicality when creating every piece, right to the finest detail. Every product is made to last and we want you to not only look good but feel good, too.